Material campaign!

Wildlife Ecology, Rehabilitation and Surveillance Center (CERVAS) is a structure that is located in the city of Gouveia and belongs to the ICNF - Serra da Estrela Natural Park. Since 2009, CERVAS is managed by the ALDEIA ( association, and is financed through the support of ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal SA.

The main goal of the center is to detect and solve many of the diverse problems related with the conservation and management of wild animal populations and habitats. Specifically, CERVAS works in the rehabilitation of injured/weak wild animals, in order to return them to nature again, and supports the realization of projects related with ecological and health monitoring of wild life populations.

You can help us! Donate, some of the material we need the most.

Feeding material:

  • For birds (granivores and insectivores)
  • Dog and cat food
  • Drinking bottles for animals (rodents)

Kitchen Material:

  • Detergents
    • Bleach
    • For Cleaning (floor, surfaces and glass)
    • For Washing machine
  • Mops
  • Brooms
  • Butcher blocks
  • Chainmail gloves
  • Kitchen Knifes

Construction material:

  • Screws and nails
  • Insulating glue
  • White Plastic Ink (10L)
  • Paint material (brushes, rollers, etc ...)
  • Miscellaneous timber (for construction of perches and nest boxes)
  • Cement
  • Bricks
  • Leather gloves
  • Doors
  • Locks for doors

Clinical Material:

  • Common adhesive for bonding
  • Sample bottles (Eppendorf, urine, etc.)
  • Latéx gloves
  • Diluted chlorhexidine (wound cleaning)
  • Alcohol (70%, 96%)
  • Elastic bandages (Vetrap type)
  • Pharmacy suplies (Ointments like Silvederma, Omnimatrix)

Office Supplies:

  • Electrical plugs
  • Ink cartridges for printer (to support with this item contact: 919457984)
  • Acetate pen
  • Araldite glues / super glue 3
  • Adhesive tape

Other materials:
  • Journals
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bird fencing
We thank all those who collaborate with us and invite you to come and deliver the donated material directly to CERVAS in Gouveia, (necessary prior contact).At the same time, have the opportunity to know CERVAS and all the work developed. If there is no possibility of direct delivery, other options may be evaluated, contact us at!

As an alternative to collecting material, and if you want to help the work of CERVAS, you can also sponsor a recovering wild animal, or purchase one of our products, at the CERVAS shop.


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