We present the products of CERVAS shop, which are available for sale!
By purchasing any of the items that are on sale at the CERVAS shop you will be contributing to the continuation of the work done at the center.

Give yourself and yours a special gift and help wildlife conservation!

Orders are only shipped to Portugal!

Payment Methods 

  • CHECK: On behalf of Associação ALDEIA, sent to: 
Apartado 126 
6290-909 Gouveia 
  • TRANSFER *:          NIB: 003503540003190733089 
    IBAN: PT 50003503540003190733089 
                                 (Caixa Geral de Depósitos de Gouveia)
* Send proof of transfer by mail to the above mentioned address, or by email to cervas.pnse@gmail.com. Upon receipt of the proof your request will be sent. 

  • Cash on delivery (CTT)

For more information contact us to 919457984 or by e-mail: cervas.pnse@gmail.com

Thank you for your help!


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